Do I need to be ‘sporty’ to have a sports massage?
No, a person does not need to be sporty to have a sports massage. This is also another reason this type of massage is referred to as Sports and Remedial massage, as it treats both athletic and sedentary people. Sports and Remedial massage is a specific type of massage which treats soft tissue tension and dysfunction.

I’ve just injured myself, when can I start treatment with you?
Please give Mel a call for further information.
The commencement of treatment will depend on the injury site and type of injury sustained, as it may need an x-ray (i.e.- a twisted ankle). In that sort of case Mel will not treat a person until fractures have been ruled out by an x-ray.
Once fractures have been ruled out, if applicable, treatment can normally start 3 days after the injury.

Do I need a shower before treatment?
Yes please! It is advisable to have a shower before treatment to cleanse the skin from sweat and bacteria. If a person is overly sweaty or has a poor level of hygiene treatment will not be carried out.

Can I still have treatment if I am ill?
No. Massage will make you feel much worse, as the treatment will in effect push the germs around your body. There is also the risk of spreading infection. Massage can be performed when the client has recovered.

Can I still have a treatment if I have a skin infection?
No. Massage cannot take place until the infection has cleared.

What do I need to wear?
You will be covered at all times with towels, except the area being treated. Please ensure that you are wearing the following:
Ladies: Bra and Shorts
Gents: Shorts

What payment methods do you take?
Cash, Card, Cheque or Online Bank Transfers.  If opting to use Online Transfer, the money must be transferred prior to the appointment.

Will it hurt?
Sport and remedial massage is more invasive than normal therapeutic massage, as it is more specific and in some cases a much deeper massage. I will use a whole range of techniques to align scar tissue; muscle tension; trigger points and to stretch and realign muscle fibres. At times it may be uncomfortable, but it is nothing to worry about. An explanation of all techniques I intend on using will be given, so you understand what I am doing and how it should be feeling to you.

Will I feel sore afterwards?
Some patients may feel tenderness for a couple of days following treatment, which is completely normal. However, if this continues for longer please contact me. It is nothing to worry about, but as we are all unique, some people and their tissues are more sensitive and receptive than others. If this is the case it needs to be noted on your patient record. Likewise, some deeper techniques may cause small bruises in areas. These are completely normal and should be yellow/brown in colour. If they are blue/ purple you must inform me of this, for the aforementioned reason.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate getting in contact, your question will be answered gladly.